Make Proctor Arrangements Online with World Campus’s New Proctored Exam Portal

If any of your courses require proctored exams, you’ll need to make proctor arrangements. You can do this conveniently online using our proctored exam portal. Here are a few questions and answers to help you get started.

What is the proctored exam portal?

The proctored exam portal is an online system in which you can submit new proctors for approval and select proctors for each of your exams.

What can I do in the proctored exam portal?

You can complete the process of nominating proctors and selecting proctors for exams:

  • View a list of your upcoming proctored exams
  • View a list of your approved proctors
  • Select a proctor or exam center for each exam
  • Nominate new proctors for approval
  • Submit supporting documentation for new proctors
  • Schedule exams at the Outreach Testing Center

Note that if you choose to take an exam with an individual proctor or at a different exam center (not the Outreach Testing Center), you will need to schedule your exam date and time directly with the proctor or exam center.

How do I use the portal?

You can log in to the proctored exam portal using your Penn State Account Access ID. The information and options you see on the screen will guide you through making proctor arrangements. You can review step by step instructions and learn what to expect with our guide to using the proctored exam portal.

How do I know if I need to make proctor arrangements?

You need to make proctor arrangements if you are taking any courses that include proctored exams. You can find out whether a course includes proctored exams by checking the course catalog. Any proctored exams included in the course will appear in the catalog under “Proctored Exam Information.” If the course does not include any proctored exams, you will not see a “Proctored Exam Information” section in the catalog.

If you need to make proctor arrangements, you may have several options depending on where you live. You can choose to take proctored exams at an exam center or with an approved individual proctor, depending on what arrangements work best for you.

What if I already have proctors that were previously approved?

If you already have proctors that were previously approved, those proctors will remain approved until their approval expires (proctor approval is valid for two years). Their information will already be available in the portal, and you will be able to select them for upcoming exams.


You can find additional information about proctored exams and the proctored exam portal on our website:

You can also feel free to contact us with any questions at 800-252-3592 or

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