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That’s Not What I Meant: Addressing Unintentional Bias

This blog is reposted from the National Association of Colleges and Employers blog, featuring a piece by one of our Penn State World Campus career counselors, Karen Armstrong.  Have you ever said something that came out wrong? It sounded inconsiderate, biased — or worse — offensive? The last thing you want to do is cause…

Tech Club Builds Community through Capture the Flag Event

This semester, the members of the Penn State World Campus Technology Club put on their detective hats to do some work for a good cause and to build community in their group. In September, the club’s members scoured the internet, combing through information available to the public online and on social media, looking for leads…

Meet Lori Lysiak, Librarian at Penn State Altoona

Penn State World Campus students have access to a wide variety of valuable library assets and services. Among the most helpful library resources are the librarians and research specialists. These staff members can assist students in finding information or materials they need for their courses. We recently chatted with Lori Lysiak, a reference and instruction librarian based at the Altoona campus. She shared details about her background and how students can enlist her help.