Online Mock Interview Program: InterviewStream

One Way Stock, Flickr
One Way Stock, Flickr

Penn State Career Services offers you the opportunity to mock interview using InterviewStream, a web-based tool that helps you practice and improve your interview skills by using your computer or tablet device! InterviewStream is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and only requires web access and a webcam. You can review your practice interview or have others review it. There are thousands of pre-recorded questions as well as tutorials.


Follow these steps to complete an InterviewStream interview:

  1. Visit the InterviewStream website, using a computer, laptop, or tablet device that has a webcam.
  2. Register at the top of the InterviewStream homepage for an account.
  3. Select “conduct an interview” to begin.
  4. Choose an already-created interview or a customized interview option.
    1. A customized interview allows you to select from 7,000+ prerecorded questions.
    2. An already-created interview has preselected questions by field or topic.
  5. Select the interview style that interests you and preview questions to prepare for your recorded interview. Tutorials will help you work through preview questions.


  1. Select “start interview” to begin recording. The interviewer will ask you a question and you’ll be given a set time limit to respond and record your answer.
  2. Click the mouse to stop recording.
  3. Review your responses by clicking “review.” After each question, you have the option to retry, skip, or choose OK to move on.
  4. Check your email for a link to view your responses. You can view your video and/or email it to a trusted mentor, professional, family member, or friend to provide feedback. Please note the Policies and Guidelines for use.
  5. Repeat! The more practice you get, the better your interviewing skills will become!

Use a self-reflection survey to help you reflect on your strengths and weaknesses during your interview. Some sample self-reflection questions are:

  • How would you assess the first impression that you gave?
  • List three things that made your interview a success.
  • List three things you would change about the interview.

Use the self-evaluation checklist to take you step-by-step through your InterviewStream interview so that you can evaluate your points of strength and weakness. Interview success indicators include verbal and nonverbal communication.

For general questions about InterviewStream, please contact Penn State Career Services at 814-865-2377 or

If you are a World Campus student, please contact World Campus Career Services at for assistance.