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  • Woman in front of clock
    Time Management Tips

    Learn how to stay productive and organized as a busy online student.

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  • Keyboard, notebook, and calendar
    Register for Courses in LionPATH: a Step-by-Step Walkthrough

    Learn how to enroll in summer 2019 courses in LionPATH.

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  • Graduating Penn State Students
    Graduating This Semester: What You Need to Know

    Plan ahead to make sure you'll be ready to graduate and celebrate with Penn State World Campus.

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  • Clean office
    Plan Ahead to Be Ready for a New Semester

    Taking a few simple steps ahead of time can help you feel prepared to start a new semester.

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  • Summer financial aid
    Financial Aid Timing: Summer Aid and the FAFSA

    Our Financial Aid team explains how summer financial aid works and what you need to know.

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A Guide for Using

Achieving success in your classes can take a lot of hard work, but the Academic Support Center is here to assist you! We provide many resources to help make the learning process go more smoothly, including, a service built into select Penn State World Campus courses to assist students in writing, math, and other…

The ADA and Higher Education

Penn State World Campus is proud to serve students from differing backgrounds and experience levels, including those who have differing levels of ability. This year, we celebrate 30 years since the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act, an important piece of legislation that helps guide the services we provide to students. According to the…

Advice to New Students

It might seem hard to believe, but the summer is almost over and a new semester is right around the corner. A new semester might mean new courses, new professors, and new opportunities, but it also means a new group of students will be joining the Penn State World Campus community.   Learning online can be…

Meet Denita, Associate Director of Equity, Inclusion, and Advocacy

Denita Wright Watson recently joined the Penn State World Campus Student Affairs team. Hear from this lifelong Penn Stater about her previous experiences, her dedication to her work, and more.  What was your background before you took on this role? Prior to taking on my new role, I had 25 years of experience in education…

5 Online Learning Myths You Need to Leave Behind in 2020

Penn State World Campus Student Advisory Board member Arianna Lynne Fangonilo shared these thoughts on common myths and misconceptions about online learning. As technology advances, we find that many brick-and-mortar services and physical products are accompanied (or even replaced) by virtual counterparts. Bank tellers can be replaced by ATMs outside of business hours. Junk mail…

Summer Wellness Spotlight: Improving Wellness By Managing Stress

Our summer focus on wellness now turns to stress management for the month of August. The topic of how to manage stress is always popular in college settings. Students are not only focused on class work but also have to juggle family, jobs, finances, health, and other responsibilities. It can be difficult to find time…

If the Cap Fits, Wear It

Penn State World Campus Student Advisory Board member Lisa Curtis shared these thoughts as she reflected on her experience as a student achieving her goal. For as long as I can remember, I’ve heard that it was important to get your priorities straight. Time and time again, it sounded like there was a winning combination of…

Summer Wellness Spotlight: Connections to Ourselves and Others

As we focus this summer on themes that promote wellness, our discussion for July will center around how important it is to connect with those around us and with our own values, goals, and strengths. “Connection is why we’re here and gives purpose and meaning to our lives,” said Dr. Brené Brown. Dr. Brown has…