Do You PawCast?

Greetings everyone! Spring is finally here, and along with it baseball season, March Madness, and the close of another semester. Semester’s end can be both exciting and hectic. Exciting because in four weeks a lot of hard work will finally end. Hectic because there is still four weeks of hard work to go! For many, the close of a semester signals a deadline for a research paper. Right about now you’re probably thinking—“Is this guy going to really write about a research paper?” Well, yes and no. My goal is to provide some additional resources for a research paper.

PawCast Logo.

Many professors require a certain number of outside sources in addition to assigned readings. First, I’m going to provide a link to the latest “PawCast” episode about the Universities Libraries. Then I will share a specific resource known as the Bureau of National Affairs which is a fine source of information on many legal, regulatory, and business information topics.

PawCast is a 20 to 30 minutes podcast presented monthly offering insight into Penn State’s history, traditions, and culture. The latest episode, The University Libraries: Tips, Tools, and Tricks, discusses items such as tips and resources when working on a research paper, best practices when working on a citation list, and contacting a Penn State librarian.

From episode 11: “A Big 10 research library…we have thousands of online e-journals, subject specific databases, newspaper databases, medical databases, legal databases, e-books…video and other materials…not freely available on the web through a search engine.”

The next time you have a few moments, and are interested how your Penn State Libraries can assist in your research, I encourage you to download and listen.

So what about those additional sources? According to the PawCast, there are thousands. One specific resource I refer to often is the Bureau of National Affairs or BNA. The BNA offers information that spans the full range of legal practice areas, including tax and accounting, labor and employment, intellectual property, banking and securities, employee benefits, health care, privacy and data security, human resources, and environment, health and safety. The BNA is offered by subscription, or free through the Penn State University Libraries. Once you’re at the University Libraries homepage, go to the “Start Here” box, click “Databases” and search BNA. If you’re feeling adventurous, just type the letter “B” and search.

I know everyone is busy this time of the semester so I’ll end here. To those graduating: Congratulations! And good luck. To those of us continuing on we can relish in the fact we’ve completed another semester. Finally, I’m fortunate to have an opportunity to participate in this summer’s intensive course program at State College. Should anyone have any recommendations on what to see or do on campus, please let me know via email. The Creamery is already on my list!

Good luck on finals!