THON™: Meet Our Dancers and Learn How You Can Get Involved

It’s almost time for THON™! If you can’t attend this unique and incredible event in person, you can still play an important role by supporting the World Campus for THON student organization and encouraging our Penn State World Campus THON dancers.

What is THON?

Officially known as the Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon, THON focuses on raising money for childhood cancer research and is the largest student-run philanthropy initiative in the world. Fundraising and awareness activities happen all year round, but the main event is a 46-hour nonstop dance marathon held every February.

This year, THON will be held on the weekend of February 16.

How You Can Support THON

For the second year in a row, the World Campus for THON organization has been awarded two dancer slots. The group’s goal is to exceed previous fundraising efforts, and they are hopeful that a successful campaign this year will provide opportunities for even more World Campus dancers to participate next year. You can support World Campus for THON by making a donation online.

Make a donation to support World Campus for THON 

Meet the 2024 World Campus THON Dancers

Smiling woman wearing Penn State shirtErica Armstrong

Quote/phrase that inspires you: Embrace your inner radiance; like glitter, scatter joy and brilliance everywhere you journey.

Why do you want to dance? Dancing unleashes an electrifying energy, fueled by the collective determination and spirit of everyone who supports this remarkable cause. It’s not just about proving to myself I can make it, though — it’s a celebration of everyone’s resilience and unity that THON brings, which is why I want to be a part of it.

Excitement for THON weekend: I am exhilarated to return to State College, a place that holds a magical aura for me. But what I’m most excited about is experiencing THON in person. Watching the live stream last year was inspiring and uplifting, and I can only imagine the incredible energy and spirit I’ll feel being there in person. The anticipation of immersing myself in that environment, surrounded by such passion and dedication, is truly something I look forward to.

Goal as a THON dancer: My aspiration is to kindle a spark of involvement among World Campus students. Being virtual learners shouldn’t diminish our power to make significant contributions. Each small effort we put forth can culminate in astonishing outcomes, proving that distance is no barrier to making a real difference.

Smiling woman with loing dark hair wearing shirt with the THON symbolDanielle Ray 

Quote/phrase that inspires you: “The difficult you do immediately; the impossible takes a little longer.” My dad said this to me since I was a kid.

What advice/motivation would you share with others interested in dancing? Learn how to overcome mental roadblocks because you will hit one. Accept this. Be kind to yourself in however these [roadblocks] manifest and what you do to get past it. Internalize the fact that your mind gives up before your body does. This reality is very helpful during THON weekend. Take everything in and have fun.

Why do you want to dance? Being a dancer is a connection to the Four Diamonds families and makes the mission of THON so much deeper and more impactful. I want to enrich that connection by dancing this year. THON has been a cause I believe in since my time as an undergraduate student in the early 90s. It is a great honor to dance, and I want to represent World Campus. I am doing it for the kids (FTK) and to raise money for them.

What are you hoping to achieve as a THON dancer in our organization?

  • I want to show other World Campus students what is possible when we become involved and the difference we can make.
  • I am hoping to make more friends and connections that will last beyond THON weekend.
  • I want to learn the line dance and be able to do a good job doing it this year.
  • I want to make my little corner of the world a better place.

Send Mail to Our THON Dancers 

You can support our World Campus THON dancers from anywhere by sending them an upbeat or encouraging note through a program called Dancer Mail Call.

“These messages become beacons of inspiration, helping us to stay motivated and connected,” said Erica Armstrong. “If you feel moved to do so, please consider writing a few words of support. Your messages can be a tremendous source of strength, offering a mental respite and reminding us of the incredible community standing with us in this endeavor. Knowing that we’re in your thoughts can truly make a difference during those challenging hours.”

Letters should be sent by mail or email by Thursday, February 1, so they are ready to be passed along to the dancers during THON weekend. 

Learn more about THON Dancer Mail Call 

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