Student Leader Spotlight: Lauren Wellar

Many of our students at Penn State World Campus are strong leaders whose enthusiasm often motivates their peers to get involved in student organizations and activities. We are excited to spotlight some of these excellent student leaders.

Lauren Wellar is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Design in Digital Multimedia Design, with plans to graduate in spring 2024. She has been involved in a wide range of student activities and events during her time at World Campus, including serving in several leadership positions. Some of those leadership roles include president of the World Campus American Association of University Women, PR chair for World Campus for THON, marketing and communications chair for the World Campus Student Government Association, and media and marketing director for World Campus Homecoming.

Contribute to Building a Better Community

Wellar said she strongly believes in the philosophy of leaving every place better than you found it, and she has strived to help strengthen the World Campus student community.

“As a World Campus student leader, I have been able to make my mark at Penn State and inspire others to make the most of their time. I believe that I can proudly say that I have put my heart into making World Campus an even better campus than when I first became a student. I am involved in a variety of organizations because I love giving back to Penn State and building our future leaders.”

Inspire the Student Leaders of Tomorrow

Weller said she hopes that by serving as a positive role model, she might inspire other students to develop their own strengths as leaders.

“By joining so many clubs/organizations, I have been able to make friendships from around the world that will last a lifetime. I hope that my involvement will encourage others to get involved and provide a path to pursue leadership, friendship, and more at Penn State World Campus. Being a student leader has helped me improve and mold the best version of myself for my future.”

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