Hard to Hate Up Close: Sierra’s Journey

This post is part of “Hard to Hate Up Close: My Journey,” a blog series organized by Penn State World Campus Student Affairs. The goal of blog posts like this is to provide a platform for the Penn State World Campus community of students, faculty, and staff to see one another, appreciate our differences, and discover common ground.

Sierra Davey recently earned her Master of Education in Higher Education through Penn State World Campus. In this powerful video, she explains the impact her hair — and her appreciation of its historical and cultural significance — has had on her journey.

A feminist who is passionate about the rights of Black women, Sierra is a big believer in stepping outside of your comfort zone, trying new things, and “becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable.” True to that philosophy, she decided to try spoken-word poetry. This submission is the first poem she has ever written.

Watch the spoken-word poetry of Sierra Davey:

Also by Sierra Davey:

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