Here a Pig, There a Pig…

Recently, we asked our Penn State World Campus Facebook fans to post photos of where they study, work, or live so that we could all learn more about each other!

After we posted this question, a theme developed in the responses that we thought would be fun to share with you — pigs!

A Pig in Japan

It all started when World Campus student Anja, who is from Japan, posted a photo of her piglet “Bacon” curled up on  her sofa where she does most of her studying! Anja said she can’t study at her desk anymore because Bacon won’t allow it!

I don’t know about you, but I think Bacon and the Nittany Lion could become wonderful friends.

Meet Bacon, who lives in Japan.

Followed by a Pig from Germany

After Anja’s fantastic photo, our student Gianine posted a photo from their hometown of Schweinfurt, Germany where Gianine reports there are 168 different pig sculptures throughout the city! Take a look at this amazing photo!

A pig statue in Schweinfurt, Germany

Our Penn State Pigs

So, after seeing these great pig photos, we decided that we needed to post our own! Penn State began as an agricultural college in 1895 and as you drive around campus you see horses, cows, and… you guessed it! Pigs!

Here’s a photo taken by World Campus academic adviser Jane Ireland of some of our Penn State pigs!

Twin pigs
Penn State pigs

A Flying Pig?

Adding to the fun, another student Jacqueline uploaded her own pig photo from the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport—flying pigs!

A Pig in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport

More Pennsylvanian Pigs

Since we seemed to be on a roll, we added another photo of our own—the Centennial Pigs from downtown State College, Pennsylvania! This photo was also taken by World Campus academic adviser Jane Ireland!

SC pig
Centennial pigs in State College, Pennsylvania

Share Your Photos!

So, what about you? Do you have any pig photos to share with us? What about other animals? Pets? Show us a little bit about where you live and who you are! We’d love to get to know you!

You can share with us in several ways:

We can’t wait to see what you share!