Instructional Designer by Day, Musician by Night

Joe Scott is the lead instructional designer for the Penn State Video Learning Network (VLN) on the World Campus Learning Design team. The VLN is a blended learning format, meaning most of the time the students are online but come together one time a week to meet face-to-face using Polycom video conference technology powered by Internet broadband connectivity.

Outside of work, Joe spends his time on stage, playing guitar in a band, Pistol Peg and the Beer Kegs—and if you tune in to the live stream of THON this weekend, you can see them play!

Instructional designer Joe Scott by day and by night.
Instructional designer Joe Scott by day and by night.

How did the band get started? A little over a year ago, Joe responded to a call from a fellow musician and drummer, Steve Holtz, who wanted to form a band that would fill a niche in the community, modern country music. He talked 3 others into joining but they didn’t reach their full potential until Jill, the sister of lead singer Mark Simanski, decided to join the band.

Pistol Peg plays at local establishments throughout central and western Pennsylvania (Altoona, State College, and Pittsburgh). Their very first show in Ashville, PA, was in front of about 450 people. Since that time, their fan base has grown dramatically. They started as a “cover band”—showcasing others’ music—but have recently started writing original tunes.

Pistol Peg band
Pistol Peg band.

You can find them on Facebook or watch the live stream of the Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon (THON) this Saturday, February 16, 2013, at the Bryce Jordan Center (BJC). Pistol Peg will be taking the stage from 1:20 – 2:20 p.m.

Last year THON drew in over 15,000 folks packing the BJC. Pistol Peg has never played a venue this big and in spite of being “extremely excited” and “extremely nervous,” (Joe says “it’s OK to have nerves!”) they would not miss this golden opportunity. They are playing for the kids. They are playing for the dancers. They plan to entertain and lift spirits, as well as raise money and awareness for the fight against pediatric cancer.

When Pistol Peg learned that the stage is set up so that kids and family members will be situated close to or near the band/stage, allowing the band to bring them up onto the stage, they worked long and hard on a set list of music that will encourage singing along or doing some sort of movement to the songs.

Whether you join in online or in person, come sing and dance with Pistol Peg and be a part of the THON family!