PawCast: A Glimpse into Penn State Life

Want to learn more about, and connect with Penn State while at a distance? Join us every month as we bring you a closer look at Penn State life as we explore the history, traditions, and culture of the University.

Each episode we interview a different Penn State personality, share important news and updates, and a tip for academic success. You can also test your Penn State knowledge by playing the game “Guess the Penn State Sound,” where we play sounds from around campus.

What have we been talking about?

  • Nittany Lion Lore: Are you interested in all things Nittany? Check out the first episode of PawCast where we sit down with author and Penn State Librarian, Steven Herb who shares little known facts about the Lion Shrine, the Brush Lion, and the origination of the word “Nittany.”
  • Life as the Nittany Lion: In the second and third episodes we investigate life in the Lion suit. Former Nittany Lion mascot, Chuck Kimble chats with us and shares some of his favorite events and traditions as the mascot and various tricks of the trade.
  • Art and Life: What are the duties of a Penn State laureate? Find out as Chris Staley, distinguished professor, talks about his plans as the 2012-13 laureate and the relationship between art and life.
  • Diversity at Penn State: Explore issues of diversity with Dr. Terrell Jones in the fifth episode of PawCast. The engaging vice provost for Educational Equity at Penn State shares his valuable insight on fostering diversity on university campuses, working with underrepresented students, and “Disneyland diversity.”

Upcoming Episodes

Have you ever wondered who keeps all the student athletes eating healthy year-round, or how the Creamery creates its signature flavors? We will discuss these and other exciting topics in coming episodes. Keep listening to PawCast as more special guests join us in the studio to share their experiences and knowledge of all things Penn State.

Listen and Get Involved

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