Student Affairs Podcast — Episode 7: Reflecting on 2021 with Gratitude

You can now listen to Episode 7 of “Conversations with Student Affairs,” the podcast managed by the Student Affairs team at Penn State World Campus in collaboration with our many colleagues and partners across the University’s Student Affairs teams.

Title: We Are! Thankful!

Participating staff members: Shawna Culp, academic adviser; Maggie Kwok, student advocacy specialist; Terry Watson, assistant director, Academic Advising & Student Disability Services; Denita Wright Watson, associate director of equity, inclusion, and advocacy; Katie Marshall, mental health case manager; Chris Reeves, Student Affairs graduate assistant; Colleen Coudriet, director of financial aid; Joe Buffone, program manager; and Andrea Buffone, academic advising manager

Summary: As we near the conclusion of the semester, we reflect on student engagement and success. You will hear tips and resources for taking steps to build a more inclusive environment and a healthier you. Throughout the episode, staff members will also share what they are thankful for.

Three interesting or helpful takeaways from this episode:

Our World Campus community has much to be proud of — and thankful for — as we look back on 2021. We all navigated challenges involved with continuing to teach, learn, and work during a pandemic — and our students, staff, and faculty rose to the occasion. We celebrated milestones such as recognizing our inaugural homecoming court, and we launched identity-based affinity groups as part of our commitment to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion so all of our students feel welcomed and supported.

We were grateful to be able to join together this year, both virtually and in person (taking careful precautions). This fall, World Campus students had an opportunity to travel to State College and participate in the annual leadership conference organized by Student Affairs. Julie Fitzgerald and the conference team, along with faculty and staff presenters and keynote speakers, collaborated to deliver an exciting and valuable conference that students could attend either in-person or through a virtual platform. We were also thrilled to welcome new World Campus graduates at our summer graduation celebration — and look forward to hosting a celebration event recognizing our fall graduates next month.

Make self-care a high priority. Time management skills are critical for success as an online learner, but there’s one important aspect students often overlook when planning their schedules: reserving time to relax and recharge. You spend a lot of time doing things for others and juggling your various roles and responsibilities, but we encourage you to take time to think about what you can do for you. If you have a hard time putting yourself first and doing something for you — as many of us do — start by thinking of one thing you can do this month. Once you achieve this goal, then break it down to what can you do for you every two weeks, and so on, until hopefully it can become part of your daily routine.

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