Library Lessons: Citing Your Sources

Set your “cites” on the University Libraries webpage  for answers to your citation questions!

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You’ve been told over and over again, “Cite your sources!” But do you need help figuring out where the period goes, or the difference between MLA and APA? We’ve got help for that! Check out our Citation and Writing Guides page.

Let’s face it – properly citing sources you’ve used in your research can be confusing. But it’s also important. Not only do you want your reader to understand which ideas are yours, but you also want to help your reader find those sources later if they’re interested.

On our Citation and Writing Guides page, you will find links to the resources you need to become a successful citer.

  • Quick style guides
  • Comprehensive guides
  • Citation generators and managers
  • Plagiarism prevention
  • Writing guides

Unsure of where to start? Check out our Citation Flowchart for a visual breakdown.

For additional information or questions, contact the University Libraries.