Why Penn State World Campus is the No. 1 Online University

Penn State World Campus is the No. 1 online university for 2011, according to the Best Colleges. Our online Information Sciences and Technology (IST) program was No. 1 among information technology programs, and our iMBA program ranked No. 9 among programs of its kind.

So what makes our programs so great? There are many reasons, says Greg Moritz, a World Campus IST student and engineer for Google.

image of Greg Moritz
Greg Moritz has had a great experience in the Penn State World Campus IST program.

Helpful Instructors

“The instructors have not only been knowledgeable, but also extremely attentive and willing to answer questions,” says Moritz.

Thorough Curriculum

“I have a significant background in information technology, and at previous institutions I have attended, the classes have been superficial and have not provided the expertise I think an IST program should. The World Campus IST program has been quite the opposite. I have learned many things in each of my classes and I am already a more skilled person because of them,” says Moritz.

Excellent Support Resources

“My adviser has been extremely quick to answer my questions and has spent a great deal of time working with me on transferring credits,” he says.

Allows for Flexibility

“In addition to attending classes at the Penn State World Campus, I also work full-time in the internet industry and have to travel as part of my job,” he says. “Because of this, a traditional school environment is not feasible for me. The IST program at Penn State World Campus allows me to pursue a degree from an exceptional school during the hours that I choose and at any location where I have internet access. Without a program like this, it is quite possible that I would never have been successful academically.”

“Overall, the World Campus IST program has exceeded my expectations in every way,” says Moritz.