World Campus Students Can Join Identity-Based Affinity Groups

Penn State World Campus students now have an opportunity to connect with peers who share common identity-related experiences, backgrounds, and concerns.

Student identity-based affinity groups provide a safe space for students who share an identity to build connections, discuss experiences, work toward common goals, and learn from one another. Involvement in affinity groups can benefit each member’s personal and professional growth while encouraging dialogue that can impact the growth of the broader community, as well.

Joining an identity-based community can be personally rewarding, but it also gives students a way to promote progress and understanding that benefits the entire World Campus community.

Students can join one of the two existing groups, our Black Student Affinity Group and/or our Latinx Student Affinity Group, where they can find support and a platform for expression and growth. While these groups are intended specifically for students with those particular identities, allies will be invited to attend designated gatherings.

We would also love to hear from students who may be interested in helping to develop other identify-based affinity groups.

World Campus students who are interested in joining an affinity group or assisting with the creation of a new group can contact Denita Wright Watson, associate director of equity, inclusion, and advocacy at World Campus Student Affairs, via email at