Don’t Forget About These Course Resources

As the new semester begins, don’t forget about the many resources that are available as you work through your courses! From official Penn State resources to helpful grammar and style websites, there are plenty of tools to get you through the next 15 weeks…

  1. – What’s another word for helpful? Many word processing apps have a built-in thesaurus at this point, but there’s nothing quite like exploring and searching for that perfect synonym.
  2. Grammar Girl – It’s always best to consult the official style guide for your course if one exists (check with your instructor), but Grammar Girl’s blog is a fantastic resource for figuring out obscure grammar rules.
  3. Chicago Manual of Style – Check with your instructor at the beginning of the semester to find out if papers should be written in Chicago, APA, or some other style and then bookmark the appropriate online resource. There’s nothing wrong with carrying around a big, heavy Chicago Style Guide, but the online resource is a little easier for students studying on the go.
  4. and other Penn State Resources – Penn State World Campus students have access to a very helpful support system including, Penn State Learning, and other technology resources. Visit our website to learn more!