Time Management Calculator

Finding the right balance between academics and other activities is critical for student success. The Penn State World Campus time management calculator shows you what your week may look like depending on the number of credits you take.

How to Use the Time Management Calculator

Start by thinking about your weekly commitments and the time you spend on each of them. It may be helpful to make a list.

Consider the number of courses you plan to take and use this to estimate and enter a number of credits for the upcoming semester. The calculator will assign four hours per credit hour per week, accounting for learning activities and assessments such as quizzes, readings, and discussion posts. Estimated hours are based on student feedback, though your exact amount of study time will vary.

Next, enter the time you will spend on the other activities during the week. The calculator will automatically deduct these from your weekly total and provide suggested next steps based on your results.

Once you have completed the calculations, you should note your results and schedule a meeting with your academic adviser to discuss your academic planning.