Don’t Pay for News Articles Online; Access Them for Free

Today, news content seems to be everywhere on the Internet.  That is, until you need that specific article for your class assignment.  The reality is that, all too often, news websites are making it easier for you to find news stories, but then charging you for these articles when you want the full text.

Penn State students have access to many different news databases that will provide you with thousands of news sources, including:

  • full-text newspapers
  • news blogs
  • news photographs
  • news magazines

Make the Search Easier

It also can be hard to locate a specific story or research a topic using news sources on the Internet.  This is true whether you need to view the New York Times coverage of the sinking of the Titanic, or last month’s articles about balancing the budget. News and news aggregator websites often don’t allow you to specify dates or where the keywords appear in the article.

Penn State students can use the Libraries’ news databases to search for specific articles or to research a topic in news sources.  It will save you time by allowing you to search more efficiently — and save you money because all the articles, photographs, news magazine articles, and video of news programming are all  free when searching these databases through the Libraries’ website. It’s that easy!

Here are a few ways you can access the Libraries’ news databases:

Let us help you with your news research needs.

For additional information or questions, contact the University Libraries.