Get Involved: Penn State World Campus Psychology Club

Are you looking for a way to get involved as a Penn State World Campus student — and meet fellow members of the World Campus community? Joining a club is a great way to accomplish both! There are a variety of exciting clubs and organizations available to World Campus students. Today, we’re spotlighting the World Campus Psychology Club (WCPC).

Annah Jensen, WCPC vice president and Mind Over Matters editor, shared some details about the club:

Since 2009, the WCPC has been a place for students to build a community within the World Campus structure, no matter our location. It’s a place where we can all come together for support and friendships. Our web page is a great place to learn about events happening around the world, to see if there’s something near you, and you’re encouraged to add your own local events! We also have a page dedicated to current U.S. mental health legislation to keep current on what’s going on and what changes are proposed.

In recent years, the club has grown to include a monthly newsletter, Mind Over Matters. Contributing to the newsletter is a great first step to gain the courage and know-how to submit articles to major psychology journals, something our members may have to do as undergraduates and graduates. It’s also good writing practice for all those term papers we have to do! We are always accepting writers’ submissions on any topic pertaining to psychology. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email our editor, Shelly Phillips,   at

In addition to the newsletter, our members are very active on our club’s Facebook page — posting new studies and articles, asking questions about courses, and connecting with each other. The executive board also holds contests and games throughout the year to encourage engagement. In 2016, they held a Steps 4 Vets Walk, where members bought a club-sponsored shirt and walked in their local neighborhood to raise funds that support veterans. The members raised nearly $600! This fall we are sponsoring a psychology teachers’ classroom as our fall fundraiser! We also have some seasonal events: Brain Awareness Month, Stress Awareness Month, Mental Health Awareness Month activities, and giveaways, plus so much more. We also have Instagram and Twitter pages!

Visit the World Campus Psychology Club for more information about the club and how you can get involved.