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5 Online Learning Myths You Need to Leave Behind in 2020

Penn State World Campus Student Advisory Board member Arianna Lynne Fangonilo shared these thoughts on common myths and misconceptions about online learning. As technology advances, we find that many brick-and-mortar services and physical products are accompanied (or even replaced) by virtual counterparts. Bank tellers can be replaced by ATMs outside of business hours. Junk mail…

If the Cap Fits, Wear It

Penn State World Campus Student Advisory Board member Lisa Curtis shared these thoughts as she reflected on her experience as a student achieving her goal. For as long as I can remember, I’ve heard that it was important to get your priorities straight. Time and time again, it sounded like there was a winning combination of…

Student Involvement Opportunities and Benefits

Several of our students recently participated in an online panel — hosted by Julie Fitzgerald, co-curricular program coordinator,  and Karen Armstrong, career counselor — in which they shared insight into their experiences with clubs and organizations and why they feel student involvement is such a valuable part of the Penn State World Campus experience.

Using Interlibrary Loan to Request Library Materials from a Distance

Penn State students have access to a wealth of library resources, encompassing a wide range of materials in assorted formats. Many of these resources are available online, but physical copies of some materials can also be provided to students located in North America, even if they aren’t near a Penn State campus.

Meet Lori Lysiak, Librarian at Penn State Altoona

Penn State World Campus students have access to a wide variety of valuable library assets and services. Among the most helpful library resources are the librarians and research specialists. These staff members can assist students in finding information or materials they need for their courses. We recently chatted with Lori Lysiak, a reference and instruction librarian based at the Altoona campus. She shared details about her background and how students can enlist her help.