How-to: Forward Penn State and ANGEL Course Email

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Which one – WebMail or ANGEL?

Yes, they are two different things.

WebMail is your Penn State email that is used for official correspondence with the University.

ANGEL email is designed for correspondence between you, your professor, and your classmates.

How can I log in to one place to check both mail systems?

One way you can do that is to forward both emails to an existing email account like Yahoo or Gmail. You can go to and log in. At the bottom-middle of the page there is a link for “changing your email forwarding address.” Simply click on it, and then enter the email address you want your Penn State email forwarded to, and click the “change” button. All email from that time on will get forwarded to the email address you provided. Make sure the email address you enter is accurate because if you put in an email address that is incorrect or invalid, your email will be forwarded to the ether, never to be heard from again. You can find more information about your Penn State email accounts by visiting the IT electronic mail website.

Do I have the option to use an email client?

Another option is to set up an email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird to pull the email from your WebMail. Then, you will forward your ANGEL email to your WebMail, which will result in all your email being delivered to the email client. The IT Knowledge Base can provide you with instructions for setting up email clients for both IMAP and POP3 configurations.

How can I set up the email on my phone or other devices?

When using a smartphone or tablet, you can find instructions for setting up the native email client to retrieve your Penn State email accounts.

How can I forward my ANGEL email?

Forwarding your ANGEL email is a little bit harder but still can be done. The IT Knowledge Base can provide you with instructions for forwarding your ANGEL email. Forwarding your ANGEL email will forward a copy of the email to the email address specified and leave the original in the Course Communicate tab in ANGEL. You can watch some tutorials about ANGEL including using the ANGEL email tool by visiting the World Campus website.

Keep in mind that ANGEL email forwarding is a one-way street, so for example, even if you can receive your ANGEL email in your Gmail inbox, you can’t reply to those messages. To do that, you’ll need to log into ANGEL and use the ANGEL email tool. Setting up email forwarding can be a useful way to receive notifications when you receive ANGEL email, but be aware, you can not use it to reply.

Remember, if you ever have any questions or need assistance with doing any of this you can contact the World Campus & Continuing Education HelpDesk.

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