It Only Matters That You Finish, Not How You Do It

If you’re anything like me, you too have had a trying year, academically and personally. It would seem that there is never a “good” time for an adult learner to “go back to school.” However, once you have taken that leap, that first step to a better future, the race is on. Some of us pack on our classes trying to reach the finish line the fastest, while others take a page out of the Tortoise’s book “Slow and Steady Wins the Race,taking 1-2 classes at a time. No matter your approach or technique to the academic race, you’re off!

Normally, I would say, “Finish Strong!” with a deepening degree of conviction in my voice, but some of us may be tired and winded while to others “it’s just a walk in the park.” So, as not to add insult to the injured, or be utterly dismissed by the marathoners, my advice is simply…FINISH!

That’s right, the truth is, it really isn’t a race. Sure you may have goals and timelines, and perhaps you’re measuring your progress and success against others, but the reality is, this is no race, it is… a journey! And on this journey, there is only one thing that matters; not how long it takes you, not how well you’ve done, or even how many lumps you’ve gotten along the way, all that really matters is that you FINISH!

This was a rough semester for me, riddled with distractions and setbacks, and while I had intended on taking classes this summer, I am taking the semester off, because one lesson you must learn on a journey is when to rest. Though I am resting, the journey is still in progress and I intend to pick up next semester with renewed energy, focus, and strategy for finishing this journey.

What is your strategy? Do you know how you intend to make it to the end? Or are you simply following the road before you? The journey can at times seem so tedious and arduous when you lack direction and strategy. Though I encourage you this summer, no matter how you plan on finishing… FINISH!