LionSearch: Make Your Research Roar

LionSearch gives you a place to start your research when you aren’t quite sure where to begin.

LionSearch is a good alternative to Internet search engines for students working on any research projects. Photo courtesy of University Libraries.

It’s fast, intuitive and useful for research related to all World Campus courses. LionSearch allows you to search nearly all the University Libraries content at once from a single place, just like other search engines. But with LionSearch, you know you’re searching reliable and appropriate library resources for your course assignments.

You can restrict your results to fit your research needs (scholarly resources, full text articles, eBooks, etc.) and refine your results to time period, content type, and more. Whether you need to use a variety of sources or you don’t know which database to use, LionSearch will make your research easy!

You can access LionSearch now. Make your research roar with LionSearch!