Looking for Scholarships? Check Out Fastweb.com!

Photo by Nina Matthews Photography
Photo by Nina Matthews Photography

If you’re looking for scholarship opportunities, you should visit Fastweb.com!

What is Fastweb.com?

Fastweb is an online search service for scholarships, internships, and job opportunities. This free resource has students answer a detailed questionnaire to generate the most personalized compilation of opportunities for students. The database holds over 1.3 million scholarships that value $3 billion and is updated daily.

How will Fastweb Help Me?

Fastweb will help you to find scholarships that pertain to your needs. It also provides:

  • tips on applying for scholarships
  • articles on student life
  • helpful hints on personal finance
  • informational videos
  • sweepstakes and promotions

If you are student in the military, Fastweb dedicates a section of its site to fitting your financial needs. This website will give you an idea of the scholarships that are available and may help you find the ones you didn’t know existed! Visit Fastweb.com to see if there are any opportunities for you.