Making that Perfect Semester

So we are now a month into the new year! How are your resolutions coming along? I’d have to say that most of mine are coming along, but there is still one that needs major work. And when I say major, I really mean major work. My hardest resolution, and the one that is still plaguing me, is my resolution to be a better student. I mean I even submitted a photograph for my PHOTO 100 class with my interpretation of that very resolution!

Resolution #1 to be a better student.
Resolution #1 to be a better student.

So what can I do to become a better student? Really, what can we all do to become better students? I mean aren’t we all in this together? We are all one big World Campus family—distance is nothing to us!

So here is my advice to myself, and all you other procrastinators out there, to be ahead of the game when it comes to school work because, let’s face it, no one likes pulling all-nighters, especially when we’ve had a month to work on an assignment.

  1. Eat healthy. I really believe that a nice well balanced diet is everything. Avoiding foods that are high in sugar will prevent that awful crashing feeling. Eat plenty of whole grains (sustainable energy) and lots of yummy fruits and vegetables will have you feeling like you have all the energy in the world. Don’t forget that water too!
  2. Sleep. I know it’s hard, and I’m the worst at getting the right amount of sleep, but we all know how we react on 3 hours of sleep—nothing gets done! We all know by now that a nice 8 and a half hours of sleep will go a long way.
  3. Be organized. Nothing keeps me from doing school work then a nice big mess! It’s hard keeping everything clean with 2 young boys running around, but you can’t work when there are toys and food wrappers everywhere! Make sure your study location is as clean as possible (or at least enough that you aren’t distracted!).
  4. Schedule. I know for my classes, the professors tend to put the assignments up at least a week early. Use this to your advantage! If you see that this week is a light week, use it to get ahead for the next week! Use your calendar! Schedule 2 hours every day just for homework and studying. Breaking the work down over a week is much easier, and calmer, then panicking on the day the assignment is due!
  5. You time. Lastly, make time for yourself! Have fun take a day to just do something for you! We are all working so hard in school and in our jobs that sometimes we tend to forget the most important thing—ourselves! So go ahead and take that bubble bath, go ahead and pick up that book you’ve wanted to read or that movie you’ve been wanting to see. Just do it! Take that time to remind yourself just how awesome you really are. You’ll thank me—I promise!

Hopefully, I can heed my own advice! I mean it looks great and sounds perfect- just sticking to it is the hard part. But, we are in this together; let’s help each other along the way. Traditional students have classmates and teachers and so do we. Before we know it, the spring semester will be in the past and the summer semester will be here.

There is nothing we can’t do as long as we think of our goals and stay head strong in achieving them. So to all you fellow World Campusers I salute you and say “Onward to victory! We can do this!”