Meet Michelle Henry, Mental Health Case Manager

Michelle Henry

The Penn State World Campus Student Affairs team has gained another tremendous asset with one of their newest hires! Michelle Henry brings a multitude of experience to her new mental case manager role. Learn more about Michelle’s skill set, dedication to students, what brought her to Penn State World Campus, and more.   

What was your background before you took on this role? 

I discovered the urban richness that Penn State brings to this naturally beautiful, rural area of Central Pennsylvania while attending college here and knew it would become my forever home. I was fortunate to secure a job within Centre County soon after graduation, literally growing up personally and professionally during the 31 years that I worked for Centre County Mental Health. The case management, supervisory, and administration experiences that the public mental health system provided me with is what led me to Penn State. I feel so very fortunate to become part of the Penn State World Campus Student Affairs team as a result of those experiences. I look forward to this new journey very much!

What does it mean to be a mental health case manager?  

Case management, to me, is about partnering with people to assess strengths, areas of need, and overall wellness, then linking them with solution-based services, supports, and resources. Case management is available to help people navigate their care and life needs. Through education, case management helps to identify available resources and options so that people can make an educated decision about what works best for them. This type of partnership also promotes independence and a focus on whole-health wellness, all in a private manner. 

What mental health resources are available through Penn State World Campus? 

I have been impressed, learning about the mental health and well-being resources that are available to Penn State World Campus students. What I have learned thus far is that the Student Affairs team at Penn State World Campus is passionate about highlighting the abundant resources and programs that are currently available to support each student and seeking what needs to be developed or enhanced to meet ongoing student needs. The team is well-coordinated and communicative to promote wellness in a variety of manners and mechanisms, such as online, program offerings, and events. Penn State World Campus has much to share in its promotion of wellness.  

Why are these resources so important for Penn State World Campus? 

We believe that everyone deserves to feel well and balanced in life. Case management is available to Penn State World Campus students who want to be educated about and supported through navigating the health care options open to them. Penn State World Campus helps students meet their care needs globally, nationally, regionally, and locally. This is accomplished through a partnership where students identify their strengths, needs, and goals and we help to identify resource options that can provide possible resolution. Our case managers strive to educate students so they can move forward with wellness in their own unique way. What we want students to know more than anything is that resources are available to help; they are just one step away! 

What are you looking forward to accomplishing in this role? 

I look forward to helping Penn State World Campus students meet their care needs and accomplish their wellness goals. I will enjoy working directly with students as much as I will enjoy helping to develop activities for them to engage in their own self-care.  

What do you enjoy about working with students?  

Students have a drive and exhibit a motivation that goes beyond just their educational goals. I enjoy furthering opportunities for students to address their overall wellness and help them to achieve a balance in life. Student involvement will also promote ongoing program development to the benefit of others. Watching students be successful at their life goals brings me much joy. 

Anything else you’d like to add?  

There is no wrong door for help! Linking with just one person may open doors that you never realized. What it takes is bravely taking that first step.