Meet New Student Aid Coordinator, Nick Dikas!

Nick Dicka, student aid coordinator
Nick Dikas, student aid coordinator

Get to know one of our newest staff members, Nick Dikas, student aid coordinator for World Campus.

What are your main duties in the Office of Student Aid?

I’m a resource for prospective and current World Campus and Continuing Education students who want to learn about their financial aid options or troubleshoot issues that arise in aid processing. Most students depend on scholarships, grants, and loans to finance their Penn State education, and the myriad of aid sources and regulations can be daunting. I am committed to helping students through this by proactively identifying risky situations before they become problems and quickly responding to student questions with accurate information. Our office is growing to better help World Campus and Continuing Education students whenever they need us!

Why do you enjoy working with students?

I think that working towards a college degree represents an individual’s strong commitment to bettering themselves and the world we live in. When a student receives aid, the federal government, state government, school, or private donor acknowledges the importance of that commitment. Advising students allows me to do the same. Every student is a human being with enormous potential. I find it extremely satisfying to be able to provide tools and solutions to help them succeed.

Why did you choose Penn State?

I became familiar with Penn State through my now fiancée, who has been attending Penn State as a PhD student for several years. When I moved to State College to be with her, I knew that Penn State was a great employer with a high standard for students, academic programs, and student support services.  Now that I’m here I’ve found that this is a limitless place where I can do the work I love to do.

What is your favorite thing to do in State College?

Eat! My favorite restaurants here are Lychee Resto and My Thai.

What’s your favorite food?

Dark chocolate everything.

What’s your favorite movie?

The Dark Knight… Batman is awesome.