Meet Wendy Weidman, Blue & White Society Executive Board Member

World Campus Blue & White Society President, Wendy Weidman.
World Campus Blue & White Society President, Wendy Weidman poses with the Nittany Lion.

We continue our Blue & White Society executive board features this week with Wendy Weidman. Wendy, who also served on the inaugural board in the role of Vice President, was elected to the position of President this year.

Wendy is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and hopes to attend law school in the future. Today she shares a little about her time with the Blue & White Society and the impact she hopes to make on the membership.

What plans do you have for the Blue & White Society for the coming year?

I would like to explore whether changing our meeting day or time would be better for our membership. It has become a hardship for some of us on the East Coast to stay up on weekday nights when meetings begin at 8:30 p.m. (ET).

I also believe that our members can look forward to a more active executive board. The new board members have committed themselves not only to being present for all activities, but also to abiding by deadlines required to complete our duties.

The executive board is very excited to serve and they have some wonderful ideas that they would like to implement over the next year. These ideas will involve more member engagement and opportunities to get involved. Some examples include; a Speaker’s Series and a stronger THON involvement. We will also work on adding committees, including an Activities Committee and others that will be determined by the needs and wishes of our membership.

Another big change will be a stronger emphasis on the Penn State experience! We will be utilizing the alma mater at meetings, learning about traditions from speakers, and (again) soliciting suggestions from our members…because this is their society and we want to make it the best!

How do you hope to connect Blue & White members to Penn State?

Communicate, communicate, communicate! I encourage our members to reach out to me with any questions, concerns, ideas, or even if they just want to connect with other World Campus students. Please “friend” me on Facebook or email me at I want to hear from our members. It is the best way that I can serve our society and know what our members want in their chapter!

What has been your most memorable Blue & White Society moment?

The election for President this year was a hard-fought one. When Chapter Adviser, Shawna Culp notified me that I had won the position, it was very poignant. I was so thankful to the membership for supporting and believing in me! I will work very hard to ensure that they will not be disappointed.

What’s your favorite way of showing your Penn State pride?

My Jeep is practically a rolling billboard for Penn State World Campus—with magnets all over it. My son and I also enjoy wearing Penn State hats, shirts, and sweat suits.

What is your favorite Penn State memory?

My favorite Penn State memory was carrying the World Campus banner onto the football field at Beaver Stadium on All-University Day with my friend, Venancio Ybarra. That was the first time we met in person and I was so happy that we were able to share that moment!

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