My Advice on Admission to Penn State

My acceptance letter
My acceptance letter hangs proudly on the fridge. (Photo by April Buynak)

I recently decided to further my education and just like anyone else who wants to attend Penn State; I had to go through the application process.  I will admit I was on pins and needles for the weeks that it took for Undergraduate Admissions to process my application!

My acceptance letter is in fact still hanging on my refrigerator.  When you talk to the staff at the World Campus, you will find that many of us have, at one point or another, walked in your shoes.  We are very passionate about Penn State.  We know the value of a Penn State education and we enjoy assisting students with taking the huge step to continue their education.

When to apply?

The application process is not always simple and it takes time. If you are considering applying for an undergraduate degree program, submit your application as early as possible.  It takes Undergraduate Admissions 4 to 6 weeks to process degree applications once all official transcripts have been received.

Submit your application early enough to allow time to speak with your academic adviser for assistance with selecting courses.  I personally found this to be a vital step.  My adviser not only assisted me with selecting courses that would fulfill my degree requirements, but he also was able to confirm that the courses I selected were appropriate for my first semester returning from a 13 year educational hiatus.

Don’t wait to learn more about starting the admission process!