PawCast: Leading the Lady Lions

It’s hoops madness in the latest episode of PawCast. From “hanger basketball” to Big Ten championships—the leader of the Lady Lions, Coquese Washington, shares it all! Listen as she joins us in the studio to chat about her experience coaching the nationally ranked Penn State women’s basketball team.

Coach Washington talks about her time with the Lady Lions and the goals that the team has for the upcoming season. As a former student athlete, she also shares firsthand experience about the challenges associated with playing for a high profile collegiate team while pursuing a degree. Find out how Coach Washington keeps the players working hard both on and off the court and what has surprised her about being a leader within the Penn State community.

You will also catch a few personal anecdotes, as Coach Washington talks about her earliest memories of playing the sport, her proudest moments coaching the Lady Lions, and where she finds her inspiration and motivation. Don’t miss out on this exciting episode!

Take a listen to a clip below.  

Want to hear more? Check out the entire episode to find out how Coach Washington began her coaching career.

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