PawCast: Life as the Nittany Lion

In the second episode of the World Campus podcast series, PawCast, we are joined by Penn State alum and former Nittany Lion mascot, Chuck Kimble. The man behind the Lion mask from 2000 to 2002, Chuck shares some of his personal experiences from his time as Penn State’s proud mascot.

This can’t-miss episode will give you an inside look at what life as the Nittany Lion is truly like. Chuck shares what some of his favorite events to attend as the Lion were, how he managed to balance his schoolwork and the Lion’s duties, and the relationships he formed during his time in the suit.

Former Nittany Lion Mascot, Chuck Kimble.

You will also get a chance to hear some of the most interesting tidbits and secrets about being the beloved mascot. Learn the tricks of how to stay cool and comfortable in the Lion costume, the number of babies the Lion is asked to hold on football weekends, signing autographs in the suit, and the challenges of remaining silent while in character. Listen to a clip from Chuck’s interview now.

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