PawCast: Penn State’s Sweet Past

Sink your teeth into the latest episode of PawCast as we discuss Penn State’s sweetest treat. Lee Stout, Penn State archivist and Berkey Creamery expert, joins us in the studio to share his knowledge on all things related to the Penn State Creamery.

As author of the book Ice Cream U: The Story of the Nation’s Most Successful Collegiate Creamery, Lee Stout has a great deal of insight about the second most recognized institution at the University. In this episode of PawCast he shares this insight and discusses the history of the Creamery, from its humble beginnings to its development into the nation’s most successful collegiate creamery. You will also get to hear about the creation of the first college-level instruction in ice cream manufacturing in the United States and some notable individuals that completed the short courses offered at the Creamery.

Lee also shares a number of fun facts and tidbits. Hear about the process of creating new ice cream flavors, the reason behind the “one flavor per cone” rule, and some of the famous guests that have stopped by the Berkey Creamery. Also, find out about the wackiest, most unsuccessful, top selling, and Hall of Fame inductee ice cream flavors. Don’t miss out on the chance to learn all about one of the most popular places on the Penn State campus!

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