PawCast: Sports Nutrition for Penn State Athletes

Ever wonder who plans the meals for Penn State student athletes or some of the dietary challenges they face? Get the full scoop in the latest episode of PawCast as we talk with Dr. Kris Clark, director of Sports Nutrition at Penn State.

Dr. Clark joins us in the studio and talks about some of her duties and responsibilities as the sports nutritionist at the University such as managing the nutritional plans for all 31 varsity teams at Penn State and working as an assistant professor to provide educational classes for first-year athletes. She also shares how she interacts with the students to ensure they remain on track with their health and dietary needs.

Dr. Clark also dishes out some useful advice on important factors to consider when working on your personal diet and shares some dos and don’ts for snacking while studying. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to hear directly from the nutritional adviser for all Penn State varsity teams!

Take a quick listen to a clip from this episode.

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