PawCast: The University Libraries: Tips, Tools, and Tricks

Learning at a distance doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the various services available through the Penn State Libraries. Ranking among the top ten research libraries in North America, the University Libraries are a great resource for students in all fields of study. In this episode of PawCast, we explore how you can make use of one of the University’s most valuable resources.

Debora Cheney, head of library services to World Campus and the Larry and Ellen Foster Communications librarian, joins us in the studio and shares valuable tips, tricks, and tools for navigating the Penn State Libraries. A few of the topics you will hear about include:

  • key tips and resources when working on research
  • making use of program specific library research guides
  • requesting library materials at a distance
  • collaborating with a Penn State librarian
  • best practices when working on a citation list

You will also get to learn how you can take advantage of the specific tools available to Penn State students, such as the Research Project Calculator, the CAT, LionSearch, and the thousands of journals, e-books, and film and video materials at your disposal. Don’t miss out!

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