Reflections from Recent Graduates (Part 1)

Recent Penn State World Campus and Continuing Education graduates share their thoughts, feelings, advice, and experiences from their time as students.

Margaret Clanagan, B.S. Letters, Arts, and Sciences
“It took me 7 years going non-stop to obtain my bachelor’s degree but I stuck with it and am very proud of my accomplishment. Having the flexibility of taking online courses allowed me to continue with my life. My adviser was extremely helpful in assisting me with making course decisions, and connecting with other World Campus students online enabled me to enjoy the “college experience” without having to put in copious amounts of time sitting in a classroom. I have not had one instructor who didn’t help me or encourage me along the way.”

James Eirich, B.A. Law and Society
“Having grown up in the shadow of Penn State it has always been a goal of mine to become an alumnus of the University, and the World Campus helped me fulfill that dream. Working fulltime and being a member of the Pennsylvania Army National Guard made that somewhat of a challenge. Between the travel for work and deployment to Iraq the flexibility of the World Campus afforded me the opportunity to finish my bachelor’s degree from a world-renowned university.”

 Bonnie St. George, A.S. Letters, Arts, and Sciences
“I enjoyed taking night classes and the online classes. The online classes were my favorite, because being a mom, a wife and a full time employee I can govern my own time for my projects and assignments for class. I have met so many dedicated professors they understood my situations as an adult student, and they will always help you if you are struggling with your grades or even the schedules.”

Chad Joyce, A.S. Information Sciences and Technology
“I chose the IST program at Penn State because of the quality of education I would be receiving. My education with Penn State World Campus has been amazing. The staff and advisers really work hard to help create a student experience that goes beyond the online classes. That experience has helped me to connect with the University as if I were on campus. I would highly recommend Penn State World Campus to anyone who is looking for the convenience of online learning and a well-rounded quality education.”

Jolene Wills-Brower, B.S. Psychology
“I chose Penn State World Campus because it was a good fit for my family and I, and I still received an education through a renowned school that future employers would recognize. I am a stay at home wife and mother of 2, Chloe–12 and Everett–4. My husband and I decided years ago that my staying home with them until they went to school gave them the best start. World Campus allowed me to finish my bachelors of science in Psychology from the school I wanted (Penn State) while allowing me to do it at whatever times were convenient for me. I did a lot of my work in my pajamas after the kids were in bed.”