Rent Your Textbooks with MBS Direct and Save Money

This fall, MBS Direct will begin offering a textbook rental service for select textbooks. Here’s information to help you get started.

How do I Rent Books through MBS Direct?

You can rent books through MBS’s online bookstore like you would for purchasing books. Not every book is available for rental, but when a book is, you’ll see an option for “rental” along with “new,” “used,” etc.

Paying for rental books — You may only pay for rental books with a credit card or debit card, and the card expiration date must be after the end of your class end date.

How Do I Return Rented Books?

Visit at the end of your course and print off a pre-paid shipping label to return your books. A reminder notice/email will be sent for each rental.

Book return condition requirements — these are the same as the buyback requirements. Visit to learn more.

What if a book is not returned on time?

If your book is not postmarked by the end of your course, you will receive reoccurring 15-day, pro-rated rental extensions automatically. These incremental rental charges will be assessed until the retail value of the book has been met (will not exceed the purchase price), or the rental book is returned.