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Student Affairs Podcast — Episode 2: The Career Services Roadmap

As we recently announced, the Student Affairs team at Penn State World Campus — in collaboration with our many colleagues and partners across the University’s Student Affairs teams — has launched a new podcast called “Conversations with Student Affairs.”

You can now listen to Episode 2 below. Here are some highlights.

Title: The Career Services Roadmap

Participating staff members: World Campus career counselors Lynn Atanasoff and Matt Soroka

Summary: Career Services is here to help students through their journey at World Campus, and career counselors are available to advise, coach, and help students navigate available resources. Areas where Career Services specialists provide assistance and support include reviewing résumés and cover letters, helping students prepare for career fairs and other events, and educating students about how to best use resources such as the alumni network.

Three helpful takeaways from this episode:

The sooner you reach out to Career Services, the better. Students often wait to contact Career Services until they need help with a résumé or want to seek an internship, but connecting with a career counselor early allows you to build a partnership that can help you throughout your entire time at World Campus. “The support and resources that Career Services provides to students is really a roadmap in thinking about where in their journey they might be, and how we can help them,” Matt says. “I often think of our role as being like the passenger in the car who helps them navigate, showing them options and possibilities they can explore, and helping decide the best route to get where they want to go.”

Internships can be a valuable experience for adult learners. Adult students sometimes have a misconception that internships aren’t for people who already have years of professional experience. But Lynn says internships are a great way to refresh your skills or build new ones, and can also let you gain current experience in the field that can strengthen your résumé. This can be especially helpful for people who are changing career fields.

Networking is a tool you should be using all the time, not just at career fairs or other structured events. Building connections should be an everyday habit, and fortunately it is one that’s easy to cultivate. “The Penn State network is everywhere,” Matt points out. “You don’t need to look hard to find alumni or current students who are part of the Penn State community and would be eager to help you.” Lynn also strongly recommends an important resource that many students may not be using to its full potential. “I encourage people to use LinkedIn more extensively, not just by creating a profile but also by joining — and actively participating in — groups that relate to their career goals or interests. This is probably one of the easiest ways to find people who are in your current field or fields you hope to enter.”

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