Sustainability Club Seeks Members and Officers

The World Campus Sustainability Club connects World Campus students with other Penn Staters interested in advancing sustainability. If this is a cause that is important to you, joining the Sustainability Club is a great opportunity to meet others who share that interest so you can exchange resources and brainstorm ideas for how to take positive action in your community.

The club welcomes any World Campus student interested in sustainability. There are also several officer positions open, so if you are looking for a way to strengthen your leadership skills, consider running for one of these roles:

  • The Vice President assists the president and other officers with their duties and will serve as an interim/backup president when necessary. Approximate time commitment: 3–5 hours per month
  • The Secretary will maintain all records of the organization, oversee meeting minutes, and document club/member activities. Approximate time commitment: 2–3 hours per month
  • The Web Team Coordinator will be responsible for social media activities and distributing the monthly email newsletter. They will also play an active role in recruiting new members and promoting the club. Approximate time commitment: 3–5 hours per month
  • The Membership Coordinator will manage outgoing emails to market the club and respond to inquiries from students seeking information about the club. This person will also be expected to attend the student activities fair each semester. Approximate time commitment: 3–5 hours per month

Anyone interested in joining the Sustainability Club or running for any of the open leadership positions should contact Haley Sankey, Sustainability Club adviser, at