Tackle a Passion Project with a Student Engagement Grant

Whether your “classroom” is near or far from a Penn State campus, Penn State World Campus encourages its students to pursue extracurricular programs outside of their course work. And now students can receive financial support for these pursuits through a Student Engagement Grant.

Fitzroy Lewis, a Penn State World Campus student, was awarded one of these grants. “I was looking for an opportunity to do some practical learning outside of the classroom while also employing the knowledge I am gaining through my classes,” said Lewis. “When Student Affairs notified us of the availability of this grant, I was excited to apply.”

These grants, funded by the Penn State Student Engagement Network, are available to undergraduates in good standing with the University to cover the costs of living (i.e., housing, food, and transportation), supplies, materials for events and presentations, and other costs related to the student’s engagement effort. Professional conference registration fees and/or travel may also be covered. Types of engagements that qualify include internships, study abroad, research projects, and more.

Fitzroy’s grant included funding to participate in an initiative by his county’s Chamber of Commerce to develop leaders who will nurture and support local businesses and nonprofit organizations.

“We are researching various governmental agencies and private county organizations to better understand their roles and impact,” said Lewis. “We are also assessing nonprofits that we can support individually while also producing fundraising events to generate continued support for future iterations of projects like this. My personal undertaking is to assist our two-county Sexual Assault Resource and Counseling Center.”

Fitzroy has been thrilled with the experience so far, emphasizing how great it feels to reach out to his community and help others. He says the internship has had a great impact on his education.

“This is a tremendous opportunity to learn actively by participating in a project of your own choosing,” said Lewis. “The project could be something you are already passionate about or merely a curiosity you want to explore. This is true experiential learning. Don’t just think about it. Apply!”

Read the full grant guidelines and apply on the Student Engagement Network. Applications are open three times a year for fall, spring, and summer opportunities.