Talk with Penn State Alumni Who Want to Connect With You

You might have questions about a particular job industry, and you want to hear from someone “on the inside.” Or maybe you’re considering applying to a certain company and want to know about the climate and culture there. Maybe you just want to talk with someone who has graduated from Penn State to see what our alumni are doing.

Students: Join the Blue & White Society today to access a database of thousands of engaged alumni.

LionLink can help you do all of this

LionLink is a program that lets Penn State students and alumni search a database of thousands of Penn State alumni — who have already said they are eager to speak with Penn State students!

They are eager to share about where they work, what they do, and how they got there.

Network to learn about new jobs or new locations

LionLink is great for networking, and you can use it to your advantage in other ways, too. For instance, if you’re considering moving, connecting with someone through LionLink can shed light on what local school districts are like, and might help you find good places to live.

LionLink has a worldwide reach

Since so much of LionLink takes place online, the Alumni Association makes an effort to be available and include alumni from every campus, around the world, and in every industry. And, if you can’t find a person in a particular industry or geographic region in the LionLink database, the Alumni Association might be able to connect you with alumni who are not in the database.

Find alumni now

LionLink is available to members of the Penn State Alumni Association and the Blue & White Society.