Understanding the Deferred Grade Process and Policy

If, due to unique and extenuating circumstances, you are unable to finish a course in the scheduled semester time frame you may request a deferred grade from the course instructor. Please review the University policy, and Registrar information.

What is the process for requesting a deferred grade?

Requests should be submitted directly to the instructor prior to the start of the final exam period.

  • Undergraduate level: the instructor posts “DF” as the grade at the end of the semester and has a deadline of ten weeks from the course end date by which to change the grade.
  • Graduate level: the deadline to post the grade is twenty five weeks from the course end date. The “DF” grade will automatically change to F if an earned grade is not posted by the applicable deadline.

If a deferred grade is not authorized it may be possible, with the concurrence of the instructor, to obtain a shorter time extension. Please review the University No Grade policy and the Registrar information.

  • Undergraduate and law – the NG (no grade) automatically changes to F within five weeks
  • Graduate – the NG (no grade) automatically changes to F within twenty five weeks

To successfully manage and complete a grade deferral or other extension it is recommended that students and instructors establish, in writing, a clear communication and assignment submission plan by the start of the extension period.

Student Records and Financial Aid

  • If you are granted a deferred grade, “DF” will appear on your academic transcripts. Your GPA for the semester will be calculated without the deferred grade credits, and an “I” will appear on your transcript to signify an incomplete course. Once you have completed the coursework the “I” will be replaced by the grade that you have earned in the course.
  • You will not be permitted to graduate with a deferred grade even if the course in which you have received the “DF” is not required for graduation in your degree program.
  • Receiving a deferred grade may have an impact on your student aid reward. Any course in which you are issued a deferred grade does not count towards your satisfactory academic progress until a grade is reported. Be sure to check with the Office of Student Aid to see how receiving a deferred grade could affect you.

For more information, visit the World Campus website.