What is the Jane Ireland Student Fund?

September 30 is the deadline for undergraduates to apply for the Jane Ireland Student Fund. To help you understand more about how we raise money for the fund and who Jane Ireland is, I sat down with Donna Anderson, World Campus adviser and coordinator of the fund.

Jane Ireland and the Nittany Lion mascot
Jane Ireland sits with everyone's favorite mascot at our All-University Day celebration in 2009.

Who is Jane Ireland, and why is this fund is named after her?

Jane Ireland was an Academic Adviser at the World Campus for over 10 years.  (Although Jane has since retired, she still participates in many of our fundraising events.)

She was the driving force behind the staff-administered scholarship program created to help undergraduate degree students with financial needs.

Donna Anderson
Donna Anderson

In what ways does this fund help students?

Each year we receive applications from students who meet the criteria stated at our website and award money to help with their tuition cost in the spring or summer semester.

How does World Campus raise funds for the Jane Ireland Student Fund?

We have fundraisers throughout the year that include a plant sale, t-shirt/caps/hoodies sales, used book sale, and bake sale. There is a payroll deduction opportunity for employees to participate by having money deducted each month to support the student fund.  We also receive donations.

How many students have benefitted from the fund to date?

Since the fund was established in 2004, we have helped 31 students!