World Campus Student: All-U Day is an Unforgettable Event

Clayton, along with thousands of students clad in white for the White-Out, cheering on Penn State

Get ready for another exciting All-University Day ticket giveaway this year by hearing World Campus student Clayton Brumbaugh’s story.

Clayton visited us in 2009 for All-University Day, where he proudly helped carry the World Campus banner in Beaver Stadium during halftime of the Iowa/Penn State game. He attended the game with his girlfriend, Rachel, who is an Iowa fan.

Tell me what it was like to be in Beaver Stadium during the game. Do you remember any sounds and sights?

Beaver Stadium is like nothing I have ever seen before.  The grandness is truly amazing.  Professional football has nothing even close to football at Beaver Stadium.  I felt like I was in the grandest coliseum!

One sound that I took back with me is the sounds of the crowd chanting the oh-oh’s and the fight songs.  I don’t know officially how loud it is, but it  was almost as loud as Seahawk Stadium with two times the people!

Prior to my experience at Beaver Stadium, I had watched many games, but never really heard the background noise of the crowd.  But when I watch now, the faint sound is always there.

As far as sights, I could not believe how much white was in the stadium (with the exception of my girlfriends yellow shirt, and my blue rain coat!)

What do you remember most about the event?

Clayton posing with Joe Paterno's statues outside of Beaver Stadium

There are so many things to list as the most memorable:

  • It could be the amazing fields of tailgating.  We were offered food and beverages all the way out of the parking areas.
  • It could be running through campus back to my car to get my ID and my money (it was the quickest tour ever).
  • It could be meeting people at the pub that came in from Boston to watch the game.  They were some real ‘goodfellas!’
  • It could be my hoodie that I bought at the campus outlet store.
  • It could be  meeting with one of my professors at his tailgate.
  • It could be the roar of the crowd.  And the amazing White-Out.
  • It could be loaning my jacket to a freezing fellow World Campus student.
  • It could be the heartache of watching the Nittany Lions lose to my girlfriend’s beloved Hawkeyes.
  • I could say that it was the chance to carry the World Campus banner on the soggy field. Totally awesome!
  • It could be seeing Brumbaugh Hall, which lightened my spirits after we lost.

My point is you will not forget All-University Day.

What else would you like students to know about All-University Day?

Find some way to take few days off.  I only had one day on campus.  I didn’t get a grilled sticky, or have ice cream at the Creamery.  Find a classmate, professor, or willing family to take you in for the week.  Bring your books study for the week, and enjoy your time.

Clayton and his girlfriend Rachel at All-University Day in 2009