A Trip to University Park Helps Students Explore Careers in Law

Three World Campus students recently gained insight into the experience of going to law school by participating in a program offered each year at Penn State University Park. The students attended Penn State’s Explore Law, a week-long program hosted by Penn State’s Dickinson School of Law that explores the study of law, analysis lawyers use to solve problems, and the American legal system. Additionally, students are able to learn about parts of the LSAT exam, and begin studying with help from an expert. The program also allows students to network with students with diverse backgrounds.

Here’s what World Campus students had to say about the experience.

How did you decide to attend the Explore Law Program?

World Campus student, Leo Jenkins
World Campus student, Leo Jenkins

“I was emailed a notice from my academic advisor, it sounded interesting, so I applied. The application process was close to what I will experience when applying to law school. I think that the experience will help me when the time comes to apply for a law school.  The trip was only possible because of the generosity provided to me by my program at World Campus ,“ said Leo Jenkins, Law and Society, Republic, WA.

What was the most helpful piece of advice you received?

“I need to create good study habits now, so that I am prepared for law school. Law school is very intense, and takes vast amounts of commitment. I was told by current law students of the necessity to stay on top of my studies and to be prepared for the challenge,” said Leo Jenkins.

“The most critical information I received was probably the LSAT (Law School Admission Test) prep class. I probably would have tried to study for the LSAT alone with no instruction. Now, I know what I’m getting myself into and I know how to study,” said Meghan Sullivan, Law and Society, Bluemont, VA.

World Campus student, Meghan Sullivan
World Campus student, Meghan Sullivan

What was the most important piece of information you took away from the program?

“I really loved interviewing the current law students. It gave me a really realistic perspective on what law law school is like,” said Meghan Sullivan.

Were you able to network with other student? Can you tell us a little bit about that?

“I made lots of good friends during my short week at the program. I’ve actually already met up with some of them since then and I’m planning to visit everyone in the fall!” said Meghan Sullivan.

Was this your first time to Penn State? What was your impression?

“It was my first time at Penn State. I think it is a beautiful campus. The instructors care about the students, and want to help them succeed. The community surrounding the school is very close. I now feel like I am part of the Penn State family. I warn my peers to not eat too much ice cream at the creamery, because it is easy to do,” said Leo Jenkins.

Lewis Katz Law Building
Lewis Katz Law Building