Alumni Perspective: Cody Klingler

Degrees and graduation years:

Current hometown: Hilliards, PA

Current career and workplace: Restaurant general manager at Taco Bell

What does a typical work day look for you?

Customer service, restaurant management, personnel management, and inventory management.

How did you get into the field you are currently working in?

I was looking for something closer to home with better pay. I applied to be an assistant manager and was offered a general manager position instead.

How has Penn State World Campus impacted your career?

It is interesting to see how many of the concepts and classes are put to use in my everyday tasks. Even some of the things that, at the time, may not seem to apply, really do in the end. Penn State World Campus allowed me to earn my degree while continuing to work.

What were some of the challenges you faced when you were a World Campus student? How did you overcome these challenges?

The biggest challenge was doing group work. Trying to collaborate with people from across the country and even the world was difficult at the beginning of any project.  But once we found a groove, it became very easy to work in groups. I gained some great friends through group work.

Do you stay connected with Penn State? How do you stay connected?

I stay connected by coming to just about every football home game. I have season tickets and love coming out for a game. I am also on the board of the World Campus Alumni Society. This great group allows me to give back to the University by helping to give alumni a connection to Penn State. This is especially important because many of them, like me, did not attend a single class on any campus.

What is some advice that you would give to current World Campus students?  

Time management is key. While you have a lot of freedom in how you get things done, if you do not budget your time correctly, you will find yourself bogged down with even the easiest tasks. Another piece of advice is, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Professors, classmates, and even your advisers want you to succeed. There are many resources out there to help you if you are struggling.