Career Services Available to World Campus Students

If you’re new to Penn State World Campus, you might not know about the many career resources available to you.  There are many ways that we can help you develop your career well before your last semester (so start early—even your first semester!).  As World Campus’s career counselor, I am dedicated to helping students develop professionally.

World Campus provides career-related resources such as career counseling, several career tests and assessments, a wealth of career resources (e.g., career libraries, employer directories), career webinars, and opportunities to interact with employers.

A career counselor can help you:

  • discover how your degree relates to occupations
  • find online career resources or employers related to your career
  • take a career assessment to identify your interests, values, skills, or personality related to work (e.g., for clarity on career direction, to help you make decisions, to fine tune career choices)
  • gather information about the jobs that people do (i.e., what people do for work, where they do it, how they got there, expected growth for occupations, income estimates, etc.)
  • create a plan to develop yourself professionally (e.g., identify occupations that interest you, advance in your company, plan and evaluate job search effectiveness, outline steps you need to take to apply to grad school, etc.)
  • feel prepared to attend online career fairs

Learn more about how we can help you further your career:

I look forward to helping you reach your career goals!