Video Series: Career Advice from a Hiring Executive

The Career Services team at Penn State World Campus has created a new series of videos that provide career-related advice from a talent management executive in the energy industry.

The videos feature Matt Soroka, World Campus career services counselor, and Brian Case, manager of corporate talent management and diversity at PPL, a large utility company based in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

The series includes 7 short videos, each less than four minutes long. Case shares valuable advice that would benefit people at any stage of their career, including:

If you are happy at your current workplace, look for ways to advance within that organization. Case said PPL has business resource groups — and many employers have something similar — that employees can join to access a range of networking, educational, and career development opportunities and resources. This is a great way to connect with people from many departments at all levels of the organization while also learning about other roles that might interest you.

Set yourself up for success at a new job. When transitioning to a new workplace, consider strategies that can help you start with a good foundation. Demonstrate willingness to get involved and support your fellow employees — and express interest in learning about career development opportunities.

Explore a broad range of roles and career paths beyond those that seem like an obvious fit for your degree. Case said many employers see the value of embracing “diversity of thought” by recruiting people from different academic and professional backgrounds who may offer fresh perspectives and new ideas.

Watch the first video in this series:

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