Complete Your Registration to Stay on Track with Courses, Student Aid, and More

Photo of Tina Lucas
Tina Lucas, Finance Manager for World Campus and Continuing Education Bursar Office

At Penn State, registering for courses is a two-step process. You must schedule your courses, and then pay your tuition bill or confirm that you’ll be using financial aid.

You have until July 15, 2013 to complete your registration for the second 6-week summer 2013 semester. If you do not pay your bill and complete your registration by this deadline, you will be canceled from your World Campus courses.

How does completing your registration impact you? It allows you to keep all aspects of your enrollment on track. If you don’t complete your registration, you can be canceled from your courses and your grades, future registration access, student aid, and other issues may be affected:

  • You will not receive grades for courses attended in the semester your registration is incomplete.
  • You will not be able to add or drop courses for the current semester until your registration is complete.
  • You will be ineligible to register for future semesters.
  • If you have student loans, you may enter repayment status with your lender.
  • Some student aid sources may be canceled without the possibility of reinstatement at a later date.

More information about completing your registration is available online:

Completing your registration is important to ensure that you remain in your courses and avoid financial and other setbacks. Please contact us at any time if you have questions or need help completing your registration.