A Day in the Life of Penn State World Campus Student Jaclyn Sukich

Jaclyn Sukich is a student at Penn State World Campus who recently shared her experiences with taking courses, working, and making time for a social life.

Major: Master of Human Resources and Employment Relations, with a concentration in Employment Law

Courses taken per term: 3 courses

Hours spent on program per week: 20 hours a week at least

Current hometown: Currently, I live in South Bend, Indiana, with my boyfriend, Arash, who is a Ph.D. student at the University of Notre Dame. However, I have lived on both coasts and was raised in New Buffalo, Michigan.

Distance from University Park: 477 miles

As a Penn State World Campus student, what does a typical school day look like for you?

Currently, I work at the University of Notre Dame where I assist in Department of Sociology with the undergraduate program. Early in the week, I will try to get all of the reading assignments completed. By midweek I will try and complete any quizzes or group assignments. This can be challenging with three courses; however, this is a course load that I am used to and enjoy very much! By Friday, I am working on any writing assignments. For me this means researching as many articles as possible at the Penn State Libraries online. This schedule leaves me just enough time for working out and making dinner with my boyfriend.

When I am not working on classes, I am busy with other activities, such as being the treasurer for the Sustainability Club at Penn State World Campus and the director of finance at the newly formed SHRM Chapter at Penn State World Campus. I also virtually participate in a social psych lab at Penn State World Campus. These groups have not only furthered my educational interests, but allowed me to interact with other students as if I were attending a brick-and-mortar university.

Where do you complete your course work?

I usually complete it at the kitchen table. Although my boyfriend and I will occasionally relocate to a nearby coffee shop, I prefer the comfort of home when studying.

What do you like most about Penn State World Campus?

What I love most about the Penn State World Campus is that it is flexible and innovative. This applies not only to the course work, but also the professors and administrators. When I was interested in creating a student organization at Penn State, I was given support and all the information that I needed in order to do so. I feel that they strive to make World Campus a place that students want to attend, and are willing to consider options to make that possible. I also love that my classmates are professionals throughout the world. By working on projects with HR professionals, my work has improved and I am able to learn from their experiences. Of course the flexibility of the program itself has allowed me to work and attend the master’s program that I wanted without making any sacrifices.

Why did you choose Penn State World Campus?

I chose Penn State World Campus for several reasons. I didn’t want to be constricted to a geographical location and needed the flexibility to attend a master’s program while working. Because there are no set times to attend a class, I am able to complete the work as soon as I want to and at my convenience. Additionally, I wanted to attend a program that had a great academic record. I love that my professors not only have great academic backgrounds, but have spent many years in the HR industry. Their firsthand experiences make my learning more valuable and relevant. Penn State World Campus has given me the platform to go to the program I want but within my needs.

What would you tell someone thinking about enrolling in a Penn State World Campus program?

I would tell them that Penn State World Campus is full of opportunities, and I would highly recommend it. It is by no means easy work, but like any university, the professors and administrators are there to make sure that you succeed and are exceptional at being present and helpful. I would tell them that this is a decision that they would not regret. In fact, Penn State World Campus might help them to excel.