The Disability Resources Team Protects Your Privacy

Students may sometimes be reluctant to seek assistance or special accommodations related to health/medical issues because they are concerned about privacy issues. We want to reassure students that the Disability Resources team — like all staff members at Penn State World Campus — takes great care to protect your sensitive, personal information.

When you first reach out to Disability Resources for your initial consultation, you will complete a Release of Information form, which details the related confidentiality policies, and specifies with whom your information will be shared and for what purposes. Disability Resources staff is careful to maintain appropriate confidentiality of all information regarding the disability, except disclosures required or permitted by law.

If you do require academic adjustments, the World Campus Student Disability Specialist will provide a letter identifying the appropriate adjustments, which you should share with your instructors. This letter lists the appropriate accommodations, but does not reveal the specific disability.

Review the Rights and Responsibilities of Students Registered with Student Disability Resources at Penn State University form.

Remember: Due to federal laws concerning confidentiality, our staff is not allowed to speak with anyone — including a spouse, partner or parent — about you without your written authorization. If you want to have someone speak to us on your behalf, you must complete a Release of Information form and identify the specific individuals with whom you permit us to discuss your information.

Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash